We’re Creating a Spin-Off!

We’re creating a spin-off of Something to Be Desired!  It’s called The Baristas, and it’s coming in 2001!

The new show will be focused entirely on the employees and customers at the Affogato cafe.  That means you’ll once again enjoy the weekly adventures of Dierdre, Sam, Glenn and Astrid, plus some new faces.  And, if you support our launch of The Baristas on Kickstarter, YOU can have a vote in who gets cast!

STBD Episode 6.6 “Misunderstand by Me”

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At the Affogato cafe, it’s a full night of big fights, bad news, ugly puppets and unreadable autobiographies.

Featuring the “Wiggin” t-shirt by Marginal Designs

Filmed at Affogato / Theme by ZOX

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