Every so often, STBD finds its name in print. This usually flatters us endlessly.

(Also: if you like STBD and want to write us up — blurb, interview, article, etc. — let us know and we’ll be happy to linkback because we’re shameless. SHAMELESS, I say. Except for the times when we actually have taste.)


STBD was the cover story in PULP (March 2004 — sadly, PULP is no more.)

STBD blurb in Maniac Magazine (Summer 2004 — oddly, not online)

STBD blurb in Nightwire online (September 2005 — no longer available online)

“Making of STBD: Casting” article on Internet Video Magazine (October 2005)

Bre Pettis at writes: “…isn’t for kids due to language and sexual content, but it’s got great production values…” (February 2006) says: “Sorta feels like a mashup of WKRP and The Office, but not nearly as sucky as that unfortunate description which we just pulled out of our asses…” (February 2006) has an interview with director Justin Kownacki and actorKevin Koch (Dex)! (June 2006)

Read our profile in the Trib PM! (September 2006)

STBD creator Justin Kownacki is interviewed about the show and PodCamp Pittsburgh on MacVoices! (October 2006)

We’re in Pop City! (October 2006) digg story

STBD creator Justin Kownacki was interviewed on Geek Riot — listen here! (October 2006)

STBD gets a big write-up in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (November 2006)

STBD creator Justin Kownacki speaks at Video on the Net (VON) San Jose (March 2007)

STBD creator Justin Kownacki and VON founder Jeff Pulver interviewed onGeek Riot — listen here! (March 2007)

STBD creator Justin Kownacki joins the NCAA Final Four edition of theSportsocracy talkcast (Episode #7) — listen here! (March 2007)

STBD creator Justin Kownacki and Felicia Day of The Guild are interviewed by alterna-tv (December 2007)

Actor Ryan Ben gets mentioned for his work as “Tim” on STBD by the Pitt Magazine (December 2007)

STBD gets coverage in creator Justin Kownacki‘s hometown paper, the Erie Daily Times! (April 2008)

STBD creator Justin Kownacki and actors Rick Hertzig (Glenn), Trent Wolfred (Pryce) and Erik Schark (Rich) are interviewed on Buzzworthy Radio.  Topics include soap operas, Barack Obama, and the ethics of making out in a movie theater — listen here! (April 2008)

STBD gets a positive recommendation (we think) from Israeli reviewer Daniel Ravner (May 2008)

STBD’s 6th season hailed by Tubefilter (April 2009)

STBD creator Justin Kownacki included in a KDKA profile of Pittsburgh’s young entrepreneurs (April 2009)

more to come…

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