Tim Nield (Ryan Ben) is either the most innocent and kind-hearted person in the world, or the most inexcusably naive. He looks up to Dierdre as his “big sister” coworker at Affogato, but he’s resolute enough in his conservative Christian ethics to not be swayed by her occasionally antagonistic advice. He also has an endless supply of uncomfortable anecdotes about his dysfunctional family, deceased pets and what passes for “dates” to last his coworkers a lifetime.

Tim’s “Finest Moments”:

“Education” — Dierdre tries to give Tim an attitude adjustment.
“Season 4 Halloween Special” — Tim defends himself — and his wounded pride — from a pack of zombies.
“House Hunting” — Tim recounts a spectacularly bad night out with his ex.
“Lonely Boy” — Tim almost has a date. Maybe.
“Tim Takes a Stand” — Tim defends his lady from the advances of another man.
“Light-Up Night” — Tim challenges Leo to find the true meaning of Christmas.
“The Truth About Glenn” — Tim’s dad clearly had some anger management issues.
“Tim Gets Inspired” — A chance encounter with knowledge has Tim asking tough questions.


Amid the dismal arena of college academics, Ryan’s body was initially propelled from business class to business class by a dimwitted desire for money and power. But soon his spirit broke free, and escaped to the much more unstable and certainly dangerous world of University of Pittsburgh Theatre. There, he worked, acted and generally lived footloose and fancy free for two years, until his graduation — or what Ryan has termed his “expulsion into despicable reality.”
Recently, Ryan has picked up his gear, girlfriend and a couple of his favorite films and moved to the Windy City (that’s Chicago). He misses Pittsburgh dearly and thanks everyone who ever had an influence on him there. Ryan also hopes that you wish him luck in his future ventures and adventures in Chicago — and threatens to return to STBD from time to time, whenever luck and the Greyhound bus system can accommodate him.
He also prefers to be called by his nickname, “BabyKnuckles”.

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