Tabitha Stewart (Courtney Jenkins) is the second-in-command at Vanity Press, but with the way Rich “leads,” she’s technically in charge. As such, she tackles the bulk of the office’s headaches and drowns her sorrows in gin. When she took pity on Liz and sent her on vacation, Liz’s plane crashed into the ocean — which may change the way Tabitha approaches the daily grind…

Tabitha’s “Finest Moments”:

“Indignation” — Rich derails Tabitha’s intentions to fire Hailey.
“Girls’ Night Out” — Tabitha finally tells Rich off.
“Tabitha’s Little Secret” — Why *is* Tabitha so uptight all the time?…
“Rich’s Sex Therapy” — When Rich sees a specialist, he drags Tabitha along.
“Change We Can Believe In?” — Tabitha comes to grips with Liz’s demise — but Rich doesn’t.


Courtney Jenkins is one of Pittsburgh’s best-kept secrets. She’s appeared on both stage and screen, but she manages to keep a low profile. When she’s not acting, working or watching Bollywood films, she can often be found surfing Gawker.

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