Dierdre Walker (Lacey Fleming) is the often-silent voice of reason behind the counter at the Affogato cafe. A budding photographer and one-time psychology major, she knows what’s wrong with everyone else long before they do — which is probably why she keeps her distance.

Dierdre’s “Finest Moments”:

“Jack’s Back… For Good?” — Dierdre disputes Jack’s right to move in with her and Caroline.
“The Waiting Game” — Dierdre and Andy kill time while awaiting their paychecks.
“The Wedding Date” — Dierdre crashes a wedding.
“Lame Expectations” — Dierdre’s ultimatum to Glenn is turned upside-down.
“Light-Up Night” — Dierdre makes a decision… sort of…


Lacey Fleming studied acting at Point Park College (now Point Park University).  She’s an original cast member of Something To Be Desired, now in her sixth season with the show, and has recently appeared in a number of student and independent films.

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