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Joseppi is WANT’s family man. He’s been known to bring his infant son to work, which never ceases to beguile the ladies and confuse the men. Joseppi may be the most mature of the entire WANT staff. Now, if he’d only read the memos…

Joseppi’s Credits:Season One: Episode Three
Season Two: Episode 6
Season Two: Episode 9 – The Wingman Cometh
Season Two: Episode 11 – First, the Bad News…
Season Two: Episode 12a – Dean’s Big Idea
Season Three: Episode 1 — The Arrival
Season Three: Episode 25 — The Perils of Breast-Feeding

Biography: Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith grew up all over the U.S. and more.  As a navy brat he changed schools more times than he can remember.  Somewhere around 1984 Shawn’s father brought home the family’s first personal computer.  His father spent 4 hours trying to figure out how to make it work, 6 year old Shawn figured it out in 10 minutes and then taught his father.  Shawn spent the next 20 years showing family members and friends how to use their personal appliances.  It seemed only natural to choose new technology as a career.  He attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1996, focusing on computer programming and interface design then graduating with a degree in 3d Animation/Multimedia.

As a weapon against boredom, Shawn began playing drums when he was 13.  He still plays drums off and on, as well as guitar, and has created production music for STBD Seasons 1 and 2.

Shawn is a happily married husband and father.  His son Kieren can be found crawling around WANT in Seasons 2 and 3.

Quote: “If you build it they will cum.”  That is so nasty it is funny.

Shawn’s less-time consuming site

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