Sam (Shaun Starke) is the delivery guy at Affogato, who dispenses caffeine to the needy souls trapped in their cubicles. Sam finds their ennui endlessly amusing. When he’s not working, Sam invests ungodly amounts of time playing video games and other pursuits of high geekery. He also has a girlfriend named Astrid, whom he occasionally pays attention to. But since they live together AND she visits him at work constantly, it’s not like he needs his space or anything…

Sam’s “Finest Moments”:

“Change We Can Believe In?” — Meet Sam. Meet Astrid. Take 2 aspirin.
“Tim’s New Friend” — When Sam invites Tim over to chill, he has no idea how impossible that is for Tim.
“Misunderstand By Me” — Sam disputes Astrid’s aspirations to be taken seriously as a… puppeteer.
“The Red Scare” — When Astrid thinks she might be pregnant, why is Amy the only one who takes it seriously?


Shaun Starke began acting after a four year post-high school stint of doing less than nothing. Five years later, he graduated from Slippery Rock University with a BA in Theater, a minor in drinking, and stage experience in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Dancing at Lughnasa”, and “The Tempest”. Post-college, he moved to Pittsburgh and, almost by accident, found his way to an audition for STBD. Since then, he has worked with Pittsburgh’s’ Shakespeare in the Park as Toby Belch in “Twelfth Night” and with Poor Yorick’s Players as Benedick in “Much Ado About Nothing”. When not acting, Shaun can be found deep within the confines of his local comic book store, knuckle-down in an all you can eat Chinese food restaurant, or scouring the interwebs in search of truth and fun.

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