Rich Mathis (Erik Schark) is the publisher behind Vanity Press — although he lets Tabitha make most of the decisions (while he takes all of the credit). Over the years, Rich has exhibited signs of sexism, voyeurism, alcoholism, impotence and an addiction to web pornography. He’s also developed a bitter feud with Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto, which began during Rich’s ill-fated write-in campaign for mayor. Although his employee Lizwas lost at sea in a plane crash, Rich is the only person who refuses to believe that Liz is officially dead.

Rich’s “Finest Moments”:

“Recalibration” — Caroline interviews for a new job, and meets the decision-makers at Vanity Press.
“Inebriation” — Rich outdoes himself at an art event with an open bar.
“Mathis 4 Mayor” — Rich announces he’s running for mayor of Pittsburgh.
“Pittsburgh Politics” — Rich records some TV ads to help him persuade the electorate.
“The Mathis / Peduto Debate” — It’s Rich against City Councliman Bill Peduto — but does anyone really win?
“Change We Can Believe In?” — Everyone comes to grips with Liz’s death… except Rich, who refuses.


Erik Schark is an accomplished stage actor, who toured with numerous productions during his career in New York City — including a star turn as the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera.  He and his wife relocated to Pittsburgh to raise their family, and he joined the STBD cast in its 4th season.  Since then, STBD has become Erik’s primary artistic outlet, although he still makes occasional stage and print ad appearances.

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