Liz DeLuzio (Jennifer Koegler) is an editor at Vanity Press, where she’s primarily responsible for keeping Leo and Gloria — the co-authors of the hit novel Alexandra and the Hideous Mole People — happy.   This is an impossible task.  Liz occasionally confides in her coworkers, Caroline and Tabitha, but bad romances and office politics usually get in the way of any real friendship.  When Tabitha rewarded Liz with a long-overdue vacation, her plane crashed en route to Fiji, and she hasn’t been heard from since.

Liz’s “Finest Moments”:

“Inebriation” — Liz bumps into her ex, Lloyd, and things are still… awkward.
“Girls’ Night Out” — Liz and Caroline let Lloyd come between them.
“FYI” — Long after their breakup, Liz and Lloyd finally have it out.
“Lame Expectations” — Liz laments her less-than-stellar choices in life.
“Office Politics” — Liz has no friends, only deadlines.


Jennifer Koegler received a BFA in Theatre Arts from Point Park College and a Master of Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University.  While in Pittsburgh, she performed with Unseam’d Shakespeare, McKeesport Little Theatre, Proudly Presents Productions, and the Pittsburgh New Works Festival.  She currently resides in Exmouth, Western Australia, where she lives with her wonderful husband Dana and spends her days snorkeling and floating in inner tubes in the Indian Ocean.  It’s pretty 🙂  She’s also President of the Exmouth Cultural Arts Centre and a volunteer ambulance officer, so if you come for a visit, keep that in mind and don’t get hurt, because her skills in that area are really spotty.

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