Leo Straub (Will Guffey) is a successful, self-fascinated author at Vanity Press.  As the co-writer of the inexplicably-bestselling Alexandra and the Hideous Mole People, Leo’s longtime wish to become rich and famous seems to have finally come true.  So… now what?

Leo’s “Finest Moments”:

“The Pseudo-Bachelor Pad” — Leo moves in with Dean.  Bad idea.
“Leo Meets His Online Crush” — Things do not go smoothly.
“The Ferret Story” — Leo has trouble with furry things.
“Leo’s Lucky Day” — Who knew that Leo reads the fine print?
“Misunderstand by Me” — Leo finds his true purpose… sort of…


Will Guffey began his passion for acting as a young child at Act One Theater School.  After enrolling there for seven years, he left to participate in his community and high school theater.  Will graduated from Point Park University in 2004 with a BA in Acting Theater.  Around the same time, he was hired as one of the original cast members of Something To Be Desired.

Will has stayed with STBD since the beginning, but he has also acted in many films — both major motion pictures and independent — as well as being featured in live improv variety shows alongside such improv greats as David Flick (Steelers 24/7 commercials) and Gab Cody (WDVE).  Currently, Will is writing projects of his own and hopes to produce a show by 2010.

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