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Justin Kownacki is the creator, writer, director, producer and editor of Something to Be Desired. He’s also been the series’ primary cinematographer since Season 2, replacing original cameraman Tom Petropoulos. Although most episodes of STBD involve substantial amounts of improvisation from the cast, Kownacki is the sole editor, which means he spends countless hours deciding which takes, lines and performances best convey the spirit of whatever it was he was trying to say in the first place (but couldn’t be bothered enough to script out fully). He lives in the Greenfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, where can often be spied walking his cockapoo, Rufus. And no, that’s not a metaphor.

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As Rob Sharp, Kownacki portrayed the black sheep of WANT. He was manipulative, dishonest, egotistical and petty, but at least he showed up. If he weren’t so reliable — and so cunning — Rob would probably have been fired numerous times, or arrested for sexual harassment. The man had less game than a broken foosball table, but he always knew which side to be on when the revolution came, and that was enough to almost make him dangerous…

Rob Sharp’s “Finest Moments”:

“The Wingman Cometh” — Rob has a problem with authority.
“The Waiting Game” — Rob connives to stay on Dean’s good side.
“One Thing Leads to Another” — Rob tries to pick up Dierdre and doesn’t realize he’s failed.
“Why Leo Hates Mondays” — Rob hates fat kids.
“Rob Sharp Makes a Request” — Rob pitches Todd on a bad idea that just gets worse.

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