Josh (Matthew Preston) is the new intern at Vanity Press.  Thus far, his duties have been confined to getting people coffee and fawning over Rich, but Josh’s true potential is just waiting to be tapped… and waiting…  and…

Josh’s “Finest Moments”:

“Denial, Vanity Press Style” — Josh’s first day is filled with petty grievances and massive egos.
“Bowling for Change” — Josh joins his Vanity Press coworkers for an intense night of… bowling.


Matthew Preston recently garnished a lead in the short film Circle Choice as Jonathan, played a priest who moonlights as a drag queen in Public Image, and a computer nerd in the upcoming Point Park comedy High, How Are You? He also did an Off-Broadway show called “Villains” as John Wilkes Booth, played Jimmy in “Thrown” which was the first show for the New Works Festival. He has a hosting gig on “SON Insider,” and was also the stand-in for Jensen Ackles in for the horror film My Bloody Valentine 3-D.

Preston has starred on the hit radio soap opera Scripts and Scruples since 2005. He can be heard hosting the online radio show “Buzzworthy Radio” with fellow S&S star Na’Vell J. Lee. During his limited free time, Preston is also an aspiring screenwriter.

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