Jack Boyd (Dan Stripp) was the most popular DJ on the underground WANT FM, but that was a long time ago. When his first “real job” in Chicago leaves him feeling empty, he quits and moves home to Pittsburgh to figure out what he really wants in life. He moves in with his little sister Caroline and her roommate, Dierdre, catches up with his old friends Leo and Dean, and battles new WANT FM station manager Ray for control of the airwaves. But, in the end, his aimlessness leads him to accept a job offer from Dean’s brother, Derek, to visit colleges as a motivational speaker. He still visits Caroline from time to time, imparting his logic and wisdom from a safe emotional distance — and tempting the fates by serving as the only man Dierdre seems legitimately attracted to.

Jack’s “Finest Moments”:

“Jack’s Back” — Jack comes home for his sister’s college graduation and realizes very little has changed.
“Out With the Old” — Jack’s visit to WANT FM leads him on a trip down memory lane.
“Loose Ends” — Before he leaves for Chicago, Jack takes over the WANT airwaves for a goodbye.
“Jack’s Back… for Good?” — Caroline invites a jobless Jack to move in with her and Dierdre.
“Leadup to the Fallout” — Jack butts heads with Ray over the future of WANT.
“Unintentional Love Triangle” — Dean hits on Rachel, who has her eye on Jack.
“Easy to Be Hard” — Having Jack around makes Caroline’s love life difficult.
“Unwanted Conversations” — Ray gives Jack an unhappy ultimatum.
“Get Ready for the False God” — Jack and Dierdre visit Derek, who may be able to save Dean from himself.
“The Calm Before the Storm” — Rachel helps Jack find the answer to… whatever he’s been looking for.
“Family Values” — Long after he’s moved away, Jack pops in to help Caroline deal with Leo.


Dan Stripp is one of the original STBD cast members, despite having no formal acting experience.  Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Ava, in 2004, Dan and his wife, Erica, left Pittsburgh, resulting in very sporadic appearances by Jack Boyd within the world of STBD ever since.  And yet, the return of Jack Boyd seems forever around the corner…

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