Glenn Garrison (Rick Hertzig) was a quiet guy who spent his evenings at Affogato, writing down overheard conversations in his notebook.  When Dierdre “borrowed” the notebook to see if Glenn was writing about her, it caused a chain of events that somehow got Glenn’s words published under Leo’s name.  To celebrate, Glenn bought himself a used laptop, a used Jeep and a shelter dog named Rufus.

Glenn’s “Finest Moments”:

“The Notebook” — The contents of Glenn’s notebook — and his name — is revealed.
“The Wedding Date” — Dierdre crashes a wedding, and Glenn tags along.
“Lame Expectations” — Dierdre’s ultimatum to Glenn gets turned upside-down.
“The Truth About Glenn” — Glenn tells Caroline why his missing notebook is so important.


Rick Hertzig is a native Pittsburgher who doesn’t really watch sports (except for the occasional mixed martial arts, pro wrestling, or roller derby.) He went to Pitt, settled on the wrong major, and has been trying to make up for it ever since. He has been involved in martial arts since the age of twelve, and has tried to quit acting many times, but has so far been unsuccessful.
Among Rick’s noteworthy accomplishments are reading nearly the entire text of Moby Dick within the confines of the Andy Warhol Museum, and standing on a street corner for twelve hours watching Jay and Silent Bob film a scene. His heroes are Bruce Lee (he visited his grave on his honeymoon) and Henry Rollins (he sends him a birthday e-mail every year). They have collectively inspired Rick to stay motivated and get tattoos. He also likes comic books and monkeys. And squirrels. And maybe swords, but he’s not a collector. He dreams of one day being stuck in an elevator with Janeane Garofalo, Tina Fey, and/or Salma Hayek.

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