Dean Dockerty (Shaun Cameron Hall) fancies himself a success, an inspiration and a womanizer. Mostly, he just fancies himself. His antagonistic relationship with Leo and Dierdre is rooted in Dean’s days as a minor radio celebrity on the now-defunct WANT FM, where his ego far outweighed his actual success. His lack of self-awareness (and self-respect) is what ultimately led to the demise of his relationship with Caroline, though now that Dean’s prowling around Vanity Press, what happens next is anyone’s guess.

Dean’s “Finest Moments”:

“Jack’s Back” — Dean’s party is a microcosm of bad behavior.
“Unintentional Love Triangle” — Dean hits on Rachel, who has her eye on Jack.
“United We Fall” — Caroline’s bad breakup with Andy sends her rebounding to… Dean?
“The Dean and Jessie Show: Day One” — Dean has a co-host?  This won’t end well.
“One Thing Leads to Another” — Todd’s lunch offer to Caroline flips Dean’s jealousy switch.
“The Double Date (Part 2 of 3)” — Leo’s double date falls apart when Dean and Caroline snap.
“Future Imperfect” — Caroline and Dean come to a break-up point.
“New Year’s Eve, Part One” — Loose ends entangle when Dean shows up on Caroline’s doorstep.


Shaun Cameron Hall is a Pittsburgh resident. He attended Point Park University where he received his BFA in Acting. Recent roles in film include Bobby Wilcot on the Discovery Channel show A Haunting, Graduation (Screaming Student), 10th and Wolf (Man in strip club looking at the camera), as well as numerous student films and commercials. Shaun’s recent theatrical roles include The Pillowman (Tupolski), A Brightroom Called Day (Husz), A Christmas Carol (Fred), First Landing (Rev. Robert Hunt), The House of Blue Leaves (White Man), Skylight (Eddie), and The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Valentine) in which Shaun was awarded Best Acting Duo along with Mark Spitznagel by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Shaun has also performed at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, Open Stage Theatre, City Theatre, UMASS Theatre, Smith College Theatre, New Century Theatre, and Virginia Stage Company. If you would like to contact Shaun, please do so at powerphoenix [at] hotmail [dot] com

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