Caroline Boyd (Ann Turiano) is the little sister of Jack Boyd and, arguably, the entire reason that STBD exists.  (It was her college graduation that first caused Jack to come home in the first place, kicking off the series.)  An English major, Caroline has parlayed her knowledge into a junior editor position at the chick-lit publisher Vanity Press, where her distaste for office politics isn’t helping her climb the corporate ladder (even when her coworkers die).  Caroline has also been roommates with Dierdre throughout several years of college and a few entry-level jobs, but that partnership is coming to an end now that Dierdre is moving out, leaving Caroline’s own living arrangement uncertain.

Caroline’s “Finest Moments”:

“For Want of a Car” — The introduction of Caroline and Dierdre.
“Jack’s Back… for Good?” — Caroline invites a jobless Jack to move in with her and Dierdre.
“United We Fall” — While WANT FM burns, Caroline’s bad breakup with Andy sends her rebounding to… Dean?
“One Thing Leads to Another” — Todd’s innocent offer to take Caroline to lunch flips Dean’s jealousy switch.
“The Double Date (Part 2 of 3)” — Leo’s double date idea falls apart when Dean and Caroline snap.
“Future Imperfect” — Caroline and Dean come to a break-up point.
“Recalibration” — Caroline gets a new job at Vanity Press.
“Office Politics” — Caroline and Dierdre suffers the highs and (mostly) lows of office politics.
“Change We Can Believe In?” — After Liz’s wake, Caroline’s quest for workplace sanity is an uphill battle.


Ann Turiano is a graduate of Point Park University. She continued her theatre education with an MA from the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Ann currently works as the Assistant to the Director at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers organization, where she serves as the glue keeping hundreds of strings together.

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