Brent (Josh Hansen) is the longest-tenured employee at the Affogato cafe. He’s also the most immature, which is why Dierdre never trusts him with any responsibility. When he’s not butting heads with his coworkers, Brent schemes to get rich or laid — neither of which ever seems likely to happen.

Brent’s “Finest Moments”:

“Contemplation” — Dierdre works with Brent for the first time. “Smoothly” is not how it goes.
“FYI” — Chloe and Brent end up in bed, but Brent has a troubling surprise.
“Creative or Desperate?” — Brent is pledging a frat, but Dierdre questions his methods.
“Tim’s New Friend” — Brent’s vision of Affogato’s future differs slightly from Dierdre’s — and from reality.
“The Red Scare” — When Astrid thinks she might be pregnant, why is Amy the only one who takes it seriously?


Josh Hansen is a graduate of The University of Pittsburgh. Someday, he intends to parlay his love of writing and directing into a Hollywood megadeal; meanwhile, he spends his free time writing The Most Amazing Songs That Few People Have Ever Heard.

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