Astrid (Laura Lee Brautigam) is the long-suffering girlfriend of Sam, who works at the Affogato cafe.  This gives Astrid an excuse to visit Sam at all hours of the day or night — which, considering they already live together, means they get to spend a LOT of “quality” time together.  Astrid’s passion for puppetry has yet to manifest itself as a profitable career, but that won’t stop her from living the dream… of felt.

Astrid’s “Finest Moments”:

“Change We Can Believe In?” — Meet Sam. Meet Astrid. Take 2 aspirin.
“Misunderstand By Me” — Leo’s quest to reinvent himself overlaps with Astrid’s desire to be taken seriously.
“The Red Scare” — When Astrid thinks she might be pregnant, why is Amy the only one who takes it seriously?


Laura Lee began acting in third grade when she played Young Christopher Columbus, Donner the reindeer, and The Hunter from Snow White. Since then, she has been able to break out of the male typecast, and she’s been blessed to be able to work with Bricolage, PICT, and Open Stage, among others. And she’s only had to play a boy in one of those shows.

Laura Lee is also a very happy newlywed, a waitress, and a professional patient. She loves to watch the muppets, eat ice cream, and drink mochas. She hates spending money and getting lost (which happens a lot in Pittsburgh). She’s very excited to see where STBD takes her!

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