Amy (Heather Beschizza) is new to Pittsburgh — and new to Glenn, who learns something new about her every time they’re together… The two of them met at puppy class, and they’ve been hanging out ever since — mostly at Affogato, in plain sight of Dierdre. Now that Glenn has admitted that his interest in Dierdre is going nowhere, maybe it’s time for him to find someone more his speed — or, at least, someone who doesn’t stare right through him…

Amy’s “Finest Moments”:

“Rufus Goes to Puppy Class” — Rufus needs the work, but maybe Glenn’s the one who needs to pay attention.
“Misunderstand By Me” — Amy’s first trip to Affogato tells her everything she needs to know about Glenn’s “friends”.
“The Red Scare” — When Astrid thinks she might be pregnant, why is Amy the only one who takes it seriously?


Heather relocated to Pittsburgh in August of ’07.  She brought with her the most expensive import from England that she could find: her husband.  She has been acting since she was 8 years, old but nothing you would ever have seen (yet), so don’t worry.  An Army brat from birth, she has lived in many different countries and states (of mind as well).

In her spare time, Heather digs comic book collecting, cross-stitch, computer stuff, reading, and walking the fur babies.

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