9 thoughts on “STBD Episode 6.7 “The Red Scare””

  1. One scene? Was it one take? One wonders.

    Sam = the poor man’s Will Guffey

    Astrid. Sigh.

    Glad Glenn was there anyway.

  2. Regular-ish. The next episode will go up on Wednesday, April 15.

    We’re tinkering with our format, so you’ll see some changes around here in the coming months. The long-term plan is to run shorter weekly “minisodes” (5 minutes or less), with one long (10-ish minutes) episode each month. (10 minute episodes each week is no longer something I can personally produce without going crazy.)

  3. Sam = the rich man’s Jim Belushi

    And I was totally there for the shoot. I was just in the back having sex with Heidi Klum. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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