STBD Is Taking This Week Off



Originally, we’d planned to run a special post-election episode this week, but real life — better known as “a freelance deadline” — came a-knockin’, and a certain someone found himself unable to edit anything else this past week.


In lieu of a new episode, we instead offer you this blurry image of Ann Turiano (Caroline) dressed as Feathers McCoy (from the silent film classic Underworld) and riding a Triceratops on a merry-go-round.


Ann Turiano (Caroline) as Feather McCoy, riding a Triceratops.

One thought on “STBD Is Taking This Week Off”

  1. Everyone deserves a break. Better perfection then near perfection. I cant wait for the next one. I love you guys!!! Leo is my favorite! Though i love you all. Kisses

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