3 thoughts on “STBD Episode 6.10 “The Boiling Point””

  1. Good to see the whole gang back together. Or coming apart. Or something.

    The music bed does get to be a little much. I guess it’d be hard to have different music when jumping from scene to scene. And maybe no music would make it all less fun. But that little clarinet(?) riff isn’t the same as say, a nice Booker T track with a rhythm and stuff.

  2. Justin,

    One of the better episodes in a while! Very good. Will we be seeing more of Dean in the future?

    BTW, stop over at francisrocks.com and check out Pittsburgh’s newest web serial, “The Weakness”. I’ve been working crew for them for the last few months.

    Hope all is well. Keep up the good work 🙂


  3. Finally we see Rich’s junk. It’s about friggin’ time. And why the hell were we not doing pantsless scenes when I was there? Keep up the great work Justin and Co., it’s looking swell.

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