9 thoughts on “STBD Episode 6.9 “Bad Advice””

  1. Aha – thanks for the reminder. When Blip TV auto-posts a new episode to the site, it comes in at the smaller viewing size; we have to go in and tweak that to make it larger, and we forgot to do it until you mentioned it.

    If we had prizes for this kind of thing, you’d get one. As it is, we’ll just repeat your name three times and see if anything magic happens.

    Klim Levene Klim Levene Klim Levene.

    Let us know how that worked out.

    (PS: Caroline appreciates the compliment, though you can bet her hair will change again soon enough…)

  2. Hahahahaha, the angry Cappuccino dude swiping “Amy’s” purse was a brilliant touch! I wonder how many condoms and home pregnancy tests he made off with/scored.

  3. Mark: Thanks for asking. Viewers have had trouble hearing our dialogue over the background music for years, and every time I think we’ve solved the problem, someone else has a similar issue.

    I usually edit the audio while wearing headphones, and then I export the finished episode from Final Cut Pro, which compresses the audio and (at least to my ear) tends to augment the volume of the dialogue in the final mix. However, my playback options may differ from yours. (I listen on my laptop.)

    Is anyone else having audio trouble with this episode? And, to Mark, how are you listening to it? If this appears to be a widespread issue, I can remix the audio and bump the background music down in the future; if it’s an isolated incident, then perhaps it’s an equalizer / playback issue…

  4. Justin: I’ve been a ‘fan’ for years and never had a problem hearing the dialogue before. I am listening (as always) using my Dell laptop and earphones.

  5. Mark: is it just the outdoor audio you’re having troubles with, or is it the indoor audio, too? I’d like to target the problem area (unless it’s the whole audio track) and adjust accordingly. Thanks!

  6. I agree! I love that their situation was addressed and love enough more than we still have no answers. Wonderful 🙂 It did make my day!

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