13 thoughts on “STBD Episode 6.7 “The Red Scare””

  1. One scene? Was it one take? One wonders.

    Sam = the poor man’s Will Guffey

    Astrid. Sigh.

    Glad Glenn was there anyway.

  2. Regular-ish. The next episode will go up on Wednesday, April 15.

    We’re tinkering with our format, so you’ll see some changes around here in the coming months. The long-term plan is to run shorter weekly “minisodes” (5 minutes or less), with one long (10-ish minutes) episode each month. (10 minute episodes each week is no longer something I can personally produce without going crazy.)

  3. Sam = the rich man’s Jim Belushi

    And I was totally there for the shoot. I was just in the back having sex with Heidi Klum. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  4. At first, the echo-y Rich voice made no sense. It was maybe the next day before i realized that he must not have been there for shooting and we were to understand that he was in the back of the shop. Good to know now what he was doing all that time. It ‘s quite something to divide one’s attention between acting and, um, that.

  5. Sam = the poor man’s Will Guffey

    Sam = the rich man’s Jim Belushi

    I’ll take both of those…


  6. Regardless of Rich having a life other than entertaining me (in a completely theatrical way).. which I find hard to understand, I enjoyed the episode and I’m excited to see it back!

  7. As for the expired condoms:

    Without getting into too much detail I’ll just say that I got them from my girlfriend and we haven’t had use for condoms for a while now.

    We never threw them out and now they ended up in the show.

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